Daytime Activities


Arrival and check in

Please plan to arrive at camp and check in between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursday, August 29, 2013.  You will receive a welcome package, badge, and housing information at the check-in table


Visit Delaware Water Gap


Friday will be mostly spent in the Delaware Water Gap Area and areas North of Camp. Scouting high and low in the area (starting back in October 2013) has been extensive to find the best of the best. An exciting selection has been compiled, and the link below is a taste of what is being considered for the event:

Click here to see the sample list of Friday daytime activities


The focus for Saturday is activities that are close to camp (Except for Ricketts Glen). The goal is to have most everyone back in camp for the afternoon so we can enjoy the group as whole. More choices to come as we continue to scout the area. Most of scouting to date has been a little further away from camp due to not having a camp selected until recently. We are now focusing on selecting activities closer to camp. 

Click here to see the sample list of Saturday daytime activities


The focus for Sunday is points west of camp. Jim Thorpe, Hickory Run State Park, etc. 

Click here to see the sample list of Sunday daytime activities



Monday Clean-Up Crew

We can use a few people to stay around and close out the camp behind everyone. Please let us know if you are willing by contact us at 

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