Email #2

Welcome to the 2015 Jewish Outdoor Escape
Pocono Parks, Peaks & Paddles


Camp JRF

Newfoundland, PA


This is our second email to registered attendees of this event. Copies of all participant emails will also be posted at shortly after they are sent. 

Here you will find the list of everything you will need to bring to this event (and some things you need not bring). If you've attended multiple events before, this won't seem like news, but it's worth keeping this on hand to use as a checklist. 

The list below is broken into sections. The first section lists what to bring for everyone. The second sections is optional items that you won’t need, but that might make your trip more enjoyable. Next are special items required for specific activities (read these sections if you are on any of those activities), and finally, things to leave at home because they are not allowed at camp or the event. 


According to AccuWeather, typical high temperatures in Newfoundland, PA this time of year are in the low- to mid-70’s, and lows are in the low-50's. Temperatures and condition can vary widely from these averages, however, so be prepared for a variety of weather. 

As always, we do suggest you plan to dress in layers and bring rain gear just in case. We typically will not cancel an activity just because it is raining unless there is a safety issue (such as lightning). 


• WATER BOTTLES/HYDRATION SYSTEM. Hikers are required to bring at least two liters (three for all-day advanced hikes) of water. Most hikes will not have places to fill up during the day, so it's important to have enough. Anyone who does not have enough water will not be permitted on most hikes, at the leader's discretion. 

• TOWELS (bring more than one in case they do not dry fast enough). 


◦ If you are sleeping in a standard cabin the beds are common cot sized. Twin sheets should work. 

◦ You must bring your own blankets, sheets, pillows or towels unless you already have purchased a bedding package from Mosaic. The camp DOES NOT have any available to rent or loan. 

◦ Pillow 

• T-shirts. Non-cotton shirts and hiking pants if you have them. 

• Long-sleeve shirt(s) 

• Sweatshirt/Fleece/Insulating Jacket (synthetic material preferred). Two if you're prone to feeling cold. 

• Shorts 

• Long pants (non-cotton hiking pants preferred). 

• Underwear/socks 

• Sleeping clothes (Be nice to your roommates, bring them even if you do not normally wear them). We recommend warm sleeping clothes, such as an extra sweatshirt/sweatpants, as the cabins can get chilly at night. 

• Sneakers and flip-flops (flip-flops are NOT permitted on hikes) 

• Hiking boots or hiking shoes (REQUIRED for moderate and strenuous hikes, non-hiking sneakers typically do not have adequate tread) 

• Water shoes if you plan to participate in any water activities 

• Rain gear (Top and Bottoms. Umbrellas do not work well for hiking). 

• Swimsuit 

• Hiking Hat or Sun Hat 

• (if you get cold easily) Wool hat 

• Toiletries 

• Any needed medications. Please notify us in advance if any special storage is required, such as refrigeration. 

• Any needed food/snacks for special conditions or allergies. All food in the cabins must have a hechsher (sign of kashrut) 

• Daypack or fanny pack for hikes 

• Flashlight/headlamp & extra batteries (the camp is dark at night) 

• Sunglasses 

• Sunblock 

• Bug spray or lotion 

• Medical Insurance card 

• ID 

• Passport (if traveling from Canada) 

• Pocket Money/Credit Cards 


• If you plan on tenting at camp, or if you are going to the post trip and didn't make rental arrangements, bring a tent, air mattress or sleeping pad, sleeping bag. 

• Camera/batteries 

• Cell phone charger 

• Power strip (outlets in the cabin are limited) 

• Reusable lunch bag (think green and help save the environment) 

• Musical instruments 

• Song books 

• Camp chair, pad or blanket 

• Compass/GPS 

• Binoculars 

• Earplugs 

• Nature guides for flora and fauna ID 

• T-shirts from previous events you attended and/or your local Mosaic club T-shirt -- show your local affiliation (but no rumbles with other chapters, please) 

• Clothes for Shabbat 

• If you plan to play tennis, please bring your own racket and tennis balls 

• Alcohol is permitted in moderation. If you plan to bring alcohol, bring cups also. Cups may not be taken from the dining hall due to kashrut requirements. Anyone found doing so will be held responsible for the costs of kashering or replacement (at the camp’s option).  


    Recommended for ALL participants: 

◦ bike shorts 

◦ riding gloves 

◦ Bike Helmet (Wearing a bike helmet is mandatory on all Mosaic bike rides. If you are renting a bike, the helmet will be provided, but you may prefer to bring your own) 

◦ Bike Lock - there will be times you will need this on your bike trips. 

◦ Water bottle that you can carry on the bike (vendor does not provide bottles) 

    REQUIRED if bringing your own bike: 

•  Fat Tire Bike (no thin tire road bikes on this trip please) 

• A method of transporting your bike to/from the bike ride (you will be driving your own car) 

• Bike Helmet (MANDATORY) 

• Note: Please note the Lehigh Gorge Bike Trail is a 25 miles long rail trail with little or no access to other roads or stores. If you get a flat or have another minor mechanical issue, you should be able fix it on the trail. If you are renting a bike, the vendor will come and get you, but this WILL take a bit of time. If you are bringing your own bike and have an mechanical issue you could be potentially walking 12 or so miles to the nearest crossing for help. Please be prepared to fix a flat or other minor repairs. If you are bringing your own bike: 

• Bike Helmet (Wearing a bike helmet is mandatory on all Mosaic bike rides) 

• Spare Tire 

• Tire Changing tools 

• Tire Patch kit 

• Small tool kit for minor repairs 

• Pump 


◦ Sport sandals or water shoes (Open toed shoes are not permitted on the river) 

◦ Croakies/string to hold on to your glasses 

◦ Non-cotton clothing for your paddle (Cotton KILLS on the water. Please no jeans) 

◦ We suggest wearing your swimsuit as a bottom layer. 

◦ You may wish to bring splash jacket if you have one. The rafting vendor will supply a jacket or wetsuit for an extra fee, but the flat-water paddle vendor may not have any available. 

◦ A non-cotton warmth layer in case it is a cold day. Better to have one and not need it. 


    Transportation for the Pre-Trip will be a combination of Van, Mini-Van and a private car. In order to get everyone into these vehicles, Brian will be taking most of your luggage to camp on Wednesday night, in his van. Please pack your bags so you have a small day bag to hold what you need for the 24 hours between Wednesday night at the hotel in Philadelphia and Thursday afternoon when you arrive in camp (one change of clothes & toiletries). Then pack the rest in a larger bag that you will be giving Brian on Wednesday around 6pm. Your luggage will be waiting for you at or near registration. 


• Outside food. Please be aware this camp does keep kosher. Therefore will be NO outside food allowed in the Dining Hall. Please keep all personal food items in your car if possible. All food in the cabins must have a hechsher (sign of kashrut). Please respect their wishes (no fried pork rinds, etc). 

• Pets 

• Expensive jewelry and high heels 

• Perfume/cologne 

• Firearms/fireworks 

• Illegal substances 

• Bad attitudes 

Check your registration 

Remember, this year we have instituted a change fee for registration changes which occur after August 20th! 

August 20th will be the VERY LAST DAY for you to make ANY changes to your registration on your own. After this date you will need to contact us for anything pertaining to your registration. Any change requests after August 20th will incur an $18 change fee per item changed unless authorized by the chair people. Cancellation policies will override the change fee policy if you cannot attend the event. For more information about the change fee, please see the REGISTRATION page of the event website at: 

You probably have no idea how much chaos "little requests" such as changing hikes or adding your final transportation information causes. Please make your final activity selections NOW. We also need to know how you are planning on getting to camp. This is to make sure everyone is accounted for and that we have a final count for the MOSAIC shuttle. If you are on a waiting list for a housing upgrade or an activity, don't worry, the change fee does not apply if you get a last minute call that we've made additional room on your activity or housing preference has become available.

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