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Rafting on the Lehigh River

White water rafting has so much to offer people that like to get outside, relax, and recharge. Enjoy exciting river rapids, Lehigh Gorge scenery and crisp Pocono Mountain air. Let this beautiful area become an outdoor adventure memory that will last a lifetime. Raft the Lehigh River Gorge. Up to 12.8 miles of river Class 2-3 rapids. 5 full hours of being in the raft- for more adventurous people looking for thrills and excitement. $74 Additional charge. Distance from camp 60 Min (8:00am ~ 5:30pm)



Bike the Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail

Come ride with us through the beautiful Lehigh River Gorge. This is a 3 to 5 hour downhill biking day trip. You ride along the slight downhill grade of an abandoned railroad bed and follow the river all the way through the Lehigh Gorge State Park. 

As you pedal at your own pace, you will see fantastic rock formations, tumbling waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. You can snack at one of the little picnic stops along the trail, explore the ruined locks of the former Lehigh Canal, or marvel at the Penn Haven Planes – a relic from the early railroad era. This trip begins and ends at our Adventure Center. Complete shuttle service available for your trip. Distance from camp approx. 60 min. Additional charge: $49 Bike, Helmet and shuttle /$24 for just shuttle (must drive your own car to bring your own bike) (8am ~ 5:30pm)

Strenuous Hike

Hickory Run State Park, PA - Shades of Death to Lehigh Gorge Overlook

Hike a Moderate 5 to 7 miles with approx. 500 Ft Elevation gain through some of the best parts of Hickory Run State Park. Start with a mile long trail called Shades of Death Trail. Although it has a gruesome name (attributed to the thick forests and rough terrain experienced by the early settlers), this is probably the most picturesque trail in the park. This rocky trail follows Sand Spring Run and meanders through rhododendron thickets and unique rock formations. After a quick pit stop at the park office, hike about 1 ½ miles along the Sand Spring Trail. The lower part of the Spring Trail was built over the old railroad bed built that served the brick factory. A wooden water tower and waterlines seen along the trail are artifacts from the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration during the mid-1930s and 40s that originally developed the park as a National Recreational Demonstration Area. Thick rhododendrons and large birch trees shadow large portions of this part of the hike. Sand Spring Trail ends at the junction of Pine Hill Trail near the Lehigh River where we will hike 2 miles along the Fireline Trail. Expect several ups and downs as the trail travels along the ridge line with picturesque views of the Lehigh River Gorge below along the way. Then start looping on the Skyline Trail to our end point on the Gould Trail. Distance from camp 50 Min (9:30am - 3:30pm)
Similar Longer Hike as Described Above with Pics  Another Similar Hike with Pics

Moderate Hikes

Easy/Moderate Hike: Hickory Run State Park Boulder Field and Hawk Falls

We will explore the wonders of Boulder Field. While this is a short hike in distance it will take some time to cross the boulders. Once you are on the other side there is a short loop trial back around the field to the vehichle. Afterwards we will drive over to enjoy a dip in the water at Hawk Falls.

Hawk Falls Trail is a 0.6 mile trail that begins in rhododendron thickets and hugs the side of a hill down to Hawk Run. A large footbridge crosses the creek. The trail bears right at Mud Run, wanders through a tunnel of rhododendron and ends with a view of Hawk Falls, a natural 25-foot waterfall.  You will find here the other group that traveled in the van. You can take a quick dip in the water or just cool off your feet before heading back up the trail to PA534 back to van home.  

Boulder Field itself is one of those places you have to see to believe. If that's all you see when you come to Hickory Run, you're missing a lot, but it is one of the most popular things to see. No matter how someone tries to describe it, you have to see it for yourself to truly understand what makes  Boulder Field so unique. Measuring approximately 400 feet by 1,800 feet and at least 12 feet deep, this feature is the largest of its kind in the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern United States.

The surface of the boulder field is very uneven (you will need to be nimble) and in many places the relief from one boulder to the next is as much as 4 feet.  The field is made up of a jumbled assortment of loosely packed boulders generally less than 4 feet in diameter, but sometimes as large as 25 feet in length, and there is no fine material such as sand or clay filling the space between the boulders. 

Distance from camp 80 Min (9:30am ~ 3:30pm)

Moderate Hike: Hickory Run State Park Boulder Field Trail and Hawk Falls

We will cross over Boulder Field (see description above) to find the trailhead of the Boulder Field Trail. Then we hike downhill 3.5 miles along modest elevation change and the rocky nature of the trail near Boulder Field makes the 3.5 miles seem longer in distance. This trail runs through sections of hemlock, spruce and beech forests. Bears, owls, white-tailed deer, turkeys, snowshoe hares and ruffed grouse are sometimes encountered along the trail.

 Just across PA 534 from the end of the Boulder Field Trail is the Hawk Falls Trail. This is a 0.6 mile trail that begins in rhododendron thickets and hugs the side of a hill down to Hawk Run. A large footbridge crosses the creek. The trail bears right at Mud Run, wanders through a tunnel of rhododendron and ends with a view of Hawk Falls, a natural 25-foot waterfall.  You will find here the other group that traveled in the van. You can take a quick dip in the water or just cool off your feet before heading back up the trail to PA 534 back to van home.  Distance from camp 80 Min 9:30am ~ 3:30pm)

Slow Moderate Photography four mile hike at Sky Top Lodge

Enjoy a slow four mile hike taking pictures of multi-level waterfalls, mossy banked streams, conifer groves and 160 degree 20 mile views of the Poconos. This four mile hike with 900 overall elevation gain will start along a rambling stream with several waterfalls with mossy banks in beautiful settings. Along the way you climb up the side of the waterfalls with the help of some rope leads through a beech-birch-maple forest to a steep cliff overlooking scenic waterfalls and glacial plunge pool created by Leavitt Branch Creek. The trail has a few rocky areas, slopes and uneven terrain. Once you have had your fill of waterfalls the trail crosses over the road to the West Rim ski sloop of Sky top Lodge. Get a glimpse of what the Treetop Adventure Course has to offer as you pass by. Then it is up along the ridge to the Gazebo, where you will see 180 degree views of part of the ridge that cuts along the middle of PA including the Delaware Water Gap 20 miles away. After taking this view it is down a 400 Ft. on steep ½ mile trail that has many steps and switchbacks. There are ropes along the way down to assist you. This trial is NOT for the acrophobic person. At the bottom you will walk leisurely along the 75-acre Sky top lake. This hike is for people who like to stop and enjoy the area around them. Expect to take three hours to walk the four miles. Additional charge: $6. 20 Minutes from Camp. (9:15am ~ 2pm)

Easy Hikes

Easy Stroll along Trout Stream and Lake Trails of Skytop Lodge with Dave Lieberman

Skytop Lodge’s most popular hiking and cross-country skiing trail begins at a small parking area across Route 390 from the Ski Slopes/ Adventure Center parking lot. The main trail is about one and a half miles round trip, completely level and follows the east shore of the Leavitt Branch after crossing a footbridge near the parking area.
The highlight of the trail is its end point – the magnificent Indian Ladder Falls. Beautiful at any season, this 3-level waterfall was formed where the Leavitt Branch carved through layers of sandstone and shale on its descent from the Pocono Plateau. All along the stream below the falls there are pools where brook and brown trout can be seen. Large wood turtles and 4 kinds of stream salamanders – dusky, 2-lined, spring and northern red – inhabit the waters along with a great variety of aquatic insects.

After enjoying the Trout Stream Trail we will cross over Rt. 390 to stroll around the Lake trail. Completely level and following the shoreline of Skytop Lake, this walk totals 2.1 miles. Attached to the trees along the trails are 42 interpretive plaques describing the trees, shrubs, geology and ecology. Scenic vistas open not only to the 75-acre Lake but also to distant views of the Lodge and the rugged cliffs of West Mountain. Distance from camp : 25 Minutes Additional charge: $6  (9:15am – 2pm)

Day at Promised Land State Park

Spend part of your day at Promised Land State Park. This park is approximately 3,000 acres in size; the park is situated in the Pocono Plateau, 1,800 feet above sea level, and is surrounded by 12,350 acres of state forest and a natural area. The forest consists primarily of beech, oak, maple and hemlock trees. Two lakes and several small streams add to the park's outstanding scenic beauty. Promised Land Lake is 422 acres and Lower Lake is 173 acres. There is a large beach area on the main lake to enjoy a swim and relax. Boat rentals are available just a short hike away. For those who would like to hone their Orienteering skills there is a compass course laid out nearby to try.

There are about 50 miles of hiking trails in Promised Land State Park and the surrounding state forest, providing access to many natural scenic places. A short distance from the beach area is Little Falls Trail or short drive to walk a loop around Conservation Island.

Distance from camp 30 Min (9:30am ~ 4:00pm)


Tree Top Adventure at Skytop Lodge

Four hour Treetop Adventure Course is just over 3,000 feet in its entirety with varying obstacles including, but not limited to, elevated bridge ways from one tree platform to the next, logs hanging from ropes to walk across, ladders, a cargo net, and a total of seven different ziplines. The course is 50 feet off the ground with 7 different zip lines and over 30 different midair elements. Participants must be able to reach with their hands above their head to a height of 5’11” standing flat-footed on the ground and must have a waist size less than 41 inches. Be sure to also bring hair ties for longer hair and to wear weather appropriate clothing. This includes footwear. Closed toe shoes only. This will be a rain or shine activity, unless there is thunder and lightning at their location. $57 Additional Charge. Distance from camp 20 Min (9:15am ~ 2pm)

YouTube Video of the Course


Scenic Train Ride along Lehigh River Gorge then Tour of the town of Jim Thorpe & its Museums - SOLD OUT

Experience a train ride into the Lehigh River Gorge from Jim Thorpe. It’s a 16-mile, narrated, 70 minute round trip; we will ride the former mainline of the Jersey Central Lines leaving Jim Thorpe. The line swings onto the former Lehigh Valley main line before passing Glen Onoko. From here the Jersey Central you will see high-rising cliffs, mountain scenery, and wildlife surround the train along the forest route. We follow the winding Lehigh River, rounding curve after curve until we reach Old Penn Haven.

Once back in Jim Thorpe we take in a lunch at one of the many restaurants in town. 

After lunch, we will spend the day visiting the quaint town of Jim Thorpe. The town of Jim Thorpe was home to the first railroad in the United States and the men who made their millions from the railroads.  Between the Asa Packer Mansion, the Mauch Chunk Museum and the Old Jail Museum there is history everywhere here. Each interpreting organization is well-organized, and learning about the town and the region is really enjoyable. $15 Additional charge for the train ride only. There are entrance fees on the museums that you will pay separately. Distance from camp 65 Min (10:30pm ~5pm)

Youtube Video of Train Ride

Old times and Wines - with a Twist

Start the day visiting Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm which is a 19th century Pennsylvania German farm dedicated to the preservation and education of rural farm life.  See period-dressed "family" members re-enacting the life of the original Pennsylvania German family who lived on the farm from the 1760s to 1913.

Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm consists of over 100 acres of pasture, woods and fields. The farm buildings at Quiet Valley, including the barn and farm house, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Quiet Valley raises a variety of historically appropriate livestock and fowl that are quickly disappearing from the agricultural landscape. Traditional Pennsylvania crops such as wheat, corn and rye are grown as well.

Visit Sorrenti’s Cherry Valley Vineyards Winery & Pizzeria where we have a wine and cheese pairing. Then enjoy a pizza from a one of a kind Le Panyal wood fired brick oven. 

Final stop is at Callie’s Pretzel Factory to see soft & hard pretzels and gourmet flavored popcorn made. They offer a huge variety of pretzel flavors including some unique ones like jalapeno cheddar or parmesan and butter pretzel braid.

Limit 12 people. Additional Charge $24.50 includes Wine&Cheese Tastings, 2 slices of Pizza, and entrance fee to Quiet Valley. 

100 Minutes round trip drive time spread over three destinations. (9:30am - 3:30pm)


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