Camp JRF overnight accommodations include: staff /guest housing, cabins, bunks and deep woods tenting. The basic bunk cabin is included in the base price.  You will be billed an additional charge if prefer an upgraded room.  Most of the housing is pretty close to the center of things - no long hikes in the AM YEAH!

All accommodations are rustic, simple, clean and functional. All cabins have electricity. 

BASIC CABINS (4 to 8 Adults):

There will be many bunk beds in the room so each person get the whole bunk to themselves. No one will need to sleep on a top bunk.


These are on a first come first serve basis.   These rooms are a mishmash using staff cabins, main lodge and camper cabins. We made an effort to keep a 1 to 4 ratio of bathroom to people on all upgraded housing.

SINGLES:  $150 Upcharge per person - Sold Out


There are two types of singles:

1.       The staff cabins, infirmary and main lodge have multiple bedrooms with hallway bathrooms that only 1 person can use at a time.  Each of these areas will be separated by gender so no issues roaming the halls in PJs or towels.

2.       There also will be single rooms in the Eco-Village; which was just built last year.  These rooms are "Yurts": circular tent like structures with a wonderful eco sensitive design.  They are each set up with seven bunk beds in the round, but to increase the number of singles available, the entire Yurt will be assigned to one person.  This is the quietest area in camp as it is furthest from the dining hall, but up a bit of a hill. The people in these singles will have to walk outside to use a central bath house - which quite honestly are the nicest bath/shower facilities in camp.  You will have unlimited hot water as each shower is supplied by its own instant hot water heater. As an added bonus towards your upgraded price is you will be given special permits to park your car in a lot near your cabin (everyone else will be parking in a back lot. This is a good distance from their cabins).

If you have a strong preference for a cabin or a Yurt, please note it in the housing comment section in the registration system. No promises made other than you will get the single room while there is inventory available.

COUPLES: $75 Upcharge per person - Sold Out

Beds are either a double or a queen.  Some are in separate buildings, others a trailer, some in the Main Lodge off the main dining hall.  Most of these rooms share a hallway bathroom.  The few rooms with a private bathroom will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

DOUBLES: $75 Upcharge per person - Sold out

These rooms are the same as the couples with the difference being there at least two beds of some type. They can be twin sized beds, bunk beds or mixture of both.  We count bunk beds as one as we do not expect you will use the top bunk.


There will be two areas of tenting this year:

1.       Want the real tenting experience away from everyone? Back in the woods there is a trail that leads to a lean-to with its own campfire ring. Sitting at the lean-to you can hear the water going over the waterfall in the stream nearby. There will be a limit of four tents allowed in this area. The showers/bathhouse for this area is about a 15 minute walk back along the trail through the woods to the Eco-Village.   If you are sharing the tent with someone please make sure to note that in the housing notes in the registration system. Note: We will be using this trail for guided walks during the day and group night walks. All efforts will be taken to respect your privacy as we pass by quietly.

2.       For those who want to be a little closer to a bathroom and the action, we will be putting tents near the vegetable gardens. This area is a flat grassy lawn on a raised hill. There will be bathrooms within a five minute walk down the hill. The showers are ten minute walk in the newly constructed Eco-Village. This area is closer to the center of everything, but far enough away to be quiet. According to the camp, there are no lights shining in this direction.

Wheelchair Access:

There will be very limited wheelchair access accommodations in the Eco-village area. You will need to be able to get in and out of your vehicle to drive down the road to join everyone in the main area. 


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